Thursday, 1 October 2009


I hate this world

I hate this industry

I hate the people that stay in this industry because they are all rich bastards.

You will never come across a poor, starving band from the suburbs anymore...No sir. The down-trodden, dole benefitting, odd jobs, penniless musician doesn't exist anymore. In their place, we have kids with the most expensive instruments in town who a) don't know how to play them, b) COPY music they like instead of creating anything new and original and c) have never had to nor never will have to worry a day in their lives about money as the bank of mummy and daddy pays for their hi-tech instruments, uber fashionable clothes, sweet flat in London and all the cool records they think they should own.

I worked my arse off for 2 and a half years and with my savings gave up my job to follow my dream. 18 months and a few odd jobs later, I'm faced with job interviews and freaking out about having to go back to my old life. My entire life savings are dust - gone - totally dried up. Yes they helped me fund my dream for a short time but what now? WHAT THE HELL NOW?

I don't have rich, healthy parents that can throw money at me for a new bass, new kit and everything else I need. The entire Bird back catalogue was written on my red bass which I acquired 3rd hand from a friend who moved to New Zealand. I have shit pedals that cost £20. I may seem like a shit musician because of this but I sure know how to play my shit instruments.

It's not fair that a lot of the people I know can prance about and can just be in a band 24/7. They don't have jobs or don't care that their parents are breaking their backs in order to support them. It makes me sick.

I don't listen to these people's music or what they have to say because there is nothing of substance to them. A spolit kid with a 2 grand Fender is never going to be my hero. Someone whose life is too easy and has never lost sleep over getting evicted or the debt collectors coming round means nothing to me.

I hate you all

Whilst I most probably go back to a shitty job with shitty people with a constant fake smile on my face and battling thoughts of smashing my head repeatedly against my computer, I will think of you


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