Monday, 30 November 2009

Insomnia reeks of all of life's desperate failings

You have haunted me enough
You are going to be the death of me

Nothing Knew

I know of nothing new
I am spent of all I knew
My soul aches a stench of honeydew
Whilst I am soaked in your shameless goo

A momentary blast of paradise syndrome
Leads to an eternal task of a malady of no home
This crisis has many avenues but not so many doors
I was unlucky to take a fall into a deep mind of impermeable pores

I am sure you often wonder as I stealthily cross your thoughts hue
What happened to the girl I once knew who knew of nothing new?

She is still trapped in a homemade dungeon
Perilously stepping aside of her mind's eye
And dreaming of silver and gold to pass the time

Primrose Sun

Rolling upon rolling, towards the clouds we go.
A pink rose wave of sunlight streaming gently, beaming mildly,
takes it turn to wade over us, magnificently, undulating
with monumental pride.

This is the one sea which shall never cascade any danger.
This is the one sea which encapsulates all but harms no one.

Look to the curls of clouds and the wisps of wind,
A trajectory of small fragments of His soul.
In all its glory how it hangs so delicately.
A precious frame that enshrines the stillness of its roar.

Some are fortunate to bask in its overwhelming shadow
and embrace the sensation that amounts to peace.
Others hurry by, not looking, not glancing, uncaring, indifferent.
But not I.
For I shall remember you.
A passionate moment we shared amongst the twisted leaves, sharp
blades of grass and fingers of the trees.
A moment intensely heightened, captured and treasured.
A moment we shall name, our primrose sun.

A Hurricane

Watch the colours drain from you when you emerge from the
shallow waters of the stagnant pool we both lay in.
Shakes of shock - had you really been lying next to me all this
But remember, it was you who had violently grabbed my arm in
the dark,
Desperately hoping that I would understand and not toss you
gently back into the black waters.
That forged connection: charged by the same fuel and fuelled by
the same charge.
How wondrous, how exotic. How typical.
You told me you already held the arm of another who lay longer,
closer and nearer to you.
An arm which I am bruised by repeatedly and relentlessly.
But listen, child.
I live by chances and shun regret.
You live by regret and shun chances.
So look out now.
A hurricane is coming.

The Mask

Pick it up lover and
embrace it with your
trembling fingers.
Trace the shapes,
The curves,
Rough and tender.

Mark your own eyes with
its eyes,
Your mouth kisses its
porcelain lips.
Feel its own skin rubbing
against yours,
The shiver of becoming
one numbs you rigid.

This is what it feels like to
lie next to someone so

Saturday, 28 November 2009

On a bed of spider webs.....I think of how to change myself....

Some current favourite videos:
Fever Ray

Gentle Friendly

No Age

Charlotte Gainsborough and Beck

Thursday, 26 November 2009

My boys......

Forever and a day........

How lucky I am to know you

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Screw you nepotism

Sometimes it is nice waking up and realising that I have actively chosen or not chosen to be exactly where I am in my life. All my successes and failures have been by my own hand and not because of my father, mother, sister or brother or even worse, because of strategic shags.

Screw all those who rely on nepotism to succeed. What an awful thing to be living such a sham life and 90% of people in this industry have come about in this blood is thicker than talent way....

Back to School

Tomorrow I go back to school for the first time in almost 5 years.

I hate being the new girl...

Monday, 16 November 2009

Uncle BoB moves to a new home....

Weekly podcasts will go straight up here:


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Turning of the Decade

Time misplaces you more than any lover, brother or small print book,
Turning of age or landmark or both cuts deep.
I am not the person everyone predicted I was destined to be.
I am the person I thought I would never be.
Yet, I am secretly gushing over my new found path
Treacherous, painful and lacking in any tangible measure,
My lifelong dreams plague me with glittering nightmares,
Shiny nightmares of my inhibited feet,
Ashamed and unworthy awkwardly sits amongst my peers.
My success is only written on paper and all my failures transcribed on every bill.
I am terrified of the new dawn.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Blue On You

I will be recording some tracks very soon for the first Blue On Blue 4 song EP which will be released early next year! It will be released on an amazing label which I will give details on in the upcoming weeks.

Exciting times!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Oral Monologue

I absolutely loves Ira's footage of our last London show. I particularly like us all smiling at each other at the very start. It makes me feel very happy when I watch this. I really love and enjoy what we're doing. We've never rehearsed and our 5 song set has come about from the jams we have at gigs, each time with a guest member and this time we had the amazing Joel from Battant on bass. More than anything, I'm in a band with such wonderful friends and that means a lot.

Our next public outing is next Tues Nov 17th as we play White Heat for
R O M A N C E's single launch. I'm expecting outfit changes and explosions.

See you there

Uncle BoB's Podcast #4 - Golden Oldies

Not the usual Sunday afternoon post as I've been away this week but better late than never...

This week's theme is some favourite golden oldies...Enjoy!

Uncle BoB's Podcast #4 - Golden Oldies
The Beach Boys - Then I Kissed Her
Edith Massey - Big Girls Don't Cry
Petula Clarke - Petite Fleur
Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin'
Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra - Summer Wine

Uncle BoB's Golden Oldies

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Berlin Shopping List

I'm not even there and I'm already planning...

1. Headphones - I want a really old pair - like a proper German fighter pilot. How cool!

2. A new vintage suitcase. The one that I got for 3 euros in Berlin last year has been my record bag and is literally falling apart.

3. A ring
I always used to buy a ring whenever I'd visit somewhere. I've just realised that this year is one of the most I've ever travelled and I haven't done this at all. I'm also quite upset as I've realised that I've misplaced one of my favourite rings that I've had for almost 10 years. I can't for the life of me remember where I put it/last wore it. I'm not really with it at the moment unfortunately...I have a very heavy and stressed head. The ring was a beautiful green amber ring set in silver which I bought when I was in Tallin, Estonia. I adored it. I've found something that looks very similar to it.

4. Records
I kind of buy records when I can afford to wherever I am but there's some pretty good bargains to be had in the Berlin markets. I need to leave enough room in my suitcase to fill it! The last time I bought records abroad was when I was in Chicago. Steve Albini recommended Reckless Records- I couldn't not go and check out a record shop he recommended surely??!! I ended up buying the Nirvana box set With The Lights Out for $21! R.E.M's Green album on vinyl for 50 cents! And Big Black's Lungs EP on vinyl for $6! I was too embarassed to tell him what I bought - particularly the Nirvana and Big Black stuff. It's like the first day we arrived at Electrical Audio, I was wearing a Sonic Youth t shirt and made it my mission to get changed as soon as we got there but Steve Albini was sitting on the sofa watching a poker programme which I wasn't expecting at all so I was shaking hands with Albini whilst wearing Sonic Youth on my chest like a right saddo. Oh and when we left, we got a picture with him and I was wearing a Chicago t shirt. I don't know what's sadder or how I manage to beat myself by doing even sadder things....

Casting the net far and wide...

Getting an atlas, closing my eyes and seeing where my finger lands.....

After living in London for exactly a decade, I am beginning to think the earth is flat and that there is nothing outside of Shoreditch.

Now I know it is definitely time to move...

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hanging out with celebrities sucks

Therefore my amazing day has consisted of:

Uncle BoB's Podcast #3 - Acoustic Vibes

That time has come around again for Uncle BoB to pick out some favourite tunes, this time a Top 5 with a chilled Sunday afternoon vibe....


The Knife - NY Hotel
Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses
Cat Power - Sea of Love
The Sugarcubes - Birthday
Beirut - Nantes

Uncle BoB's Podcast #3

Hallow's Eve

Pictures courtesy of Ira

Fun times were had at The Griffin last night. In all my years in London, I've never seen Halloween on such a massive scale as it was in Shoreditch last night. The streets were crawling with ghouls...It was pretty overwhelming...Sooo many people. All was great apart from the new manager at The Griffin who had a go at me for playing Michael Jackson's Thriller. It's Halloween for christ's sake! Get over yourself woman and yeah, sue me for saying this...You're meant to manage the bar and not the DJs and what they play. Some could say that is fascism. I played this immediately after but I think my point was lost on the idiot woman and no one knew what point I was making except myself. Who cares!

My second highlight of the evening was the incredibly drunk chav who thought my music was coming out of the jukebox and was desperately putting money into the jukebox and pressing keys wildly when I played Joy Division's Atmosphere. Dumbo!!