Sunday, 11 October 2009

Near Wild Heaven

This week has actually been really good. Apart from the massive freak out I had on Tuesday. That wasn't cool at all. I called some people I know 'monkeys' and 'fuck-ups'. I didn't mean it though. Well, I kind of meant it at the time but I don't think it all the time. I'm just sick of placing ourselves in people's hands who promise us the world and deliver nothing. And they have a hold over me because they have money and I don't. It gets me down....

Anyway, Nail the Cross last night was great fun. Probably down to the fact I had a bottle of Jim Beam to myself. Now then, my drink of choice is usually Jack and coke hence I think I lost it on the old JB. My mind ain't used to it. I think I played ok though. I forgot the words to a couple of songs notably 100%! What a monkey! That was pretty stupid and I think everyone in the room noticed. Oh well. Another thing to blame on Jim Beam.

Just been given a ticket to Mudhoney tonight. I really want to go and be excited but all I can think about is shit loads of coffee and maybe a mini roll and then my duvet. I'm such a bloody whinger. Free ticket to Mudhoney - YES PLEASE!

I don't know about the week ahead. I'm going to stop worrying about my life and just let things happen or not happen. I saw some old school friends last night and now we're back in touch and hanging out this week. That's good perhaps I'm finally overcoming my fear of people and my past. I can always hope anyway.

I like these. A lot:

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