Saturday, 17 October 2009

Harking back...

I used to run a label called Decasian Records which was set up at the end of 2006. I had 4 acts on my roster and I was so damn passionate about everything. Unfortunately quitting my job meant the funds dried up and then An Experiment started and I didn't even have time to phone my mum let alone run the label. I don't feel like the label is dead although I understand that a fundamental part of a label is releasing music and I haven't done that lately. For me, in my head, it is on indefinite hiatus but it definitely isn't dead...

Anyway, I used to do weekly podcasts (that no one used to listen to). I really enjoyed doing it...I think I may do it again....

I've done one here...of a couple of songs, old and new, that I really like and want to share. There's no speaking on here, just music. I need one of those things that make the end of a mic big to plug into my laptop. Or a big to small...I need to check. But until then, it'll just be music, music, music....

I'm calling it 'BoB's podcast'. I don't know anyone called Bob, it's meant to be the abbreviation of 'Blue On Blue'.

BoB's podcast #1:
UNKLE featuring Autolux: Persons and Machinery
Hanged Men Dance - Riot At The X-Ray Bar
Jon Jones and the Beatniks Movement - Rope
New Order - Ceremony
Blue On Blue - Bad Place To Be
Silver Abuse - Cuban Homo Farm
The Breeders featuring J Mascis - Do You Love Me Now Jnr
Vera Hall - Another Man Done Gone
Shocking Blue - Love Buzz
Chromatics - Running Up That Hill

I'm hoping the above may introduce some people to some great new bands like Jon Jones from Leeds and Hanged Men Dance from Florida who are now existing under a new guise called Eulogy Inn.

There are also a couple of artists from yesteryear that are really underrated - the amazing, inspiring folk singer Vera Hall and the great Silver Abuse who were an amazing punk/no wave band from Chicago, pictured below. I think the rest people may have already heard.

Anyway, hope someone somewhere enjoys this.....

BoB's Podcast #1

PS MAJOR SH*TS!!! I just listened back and for some reason The Breeders track is all sped up and they sound like chipmunks and it's over in like 35 seconds. Oops!!

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