Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Little Victories Part 2

Ugggh I can hear strange knockings from outside or next door..it's almost 4am and it's freaking me out. There was also some weirdo man whose been appearing in the early hours of the last few nights pretending to be a dog and barking outside my window. Yeah it's pretty hilarious but it pissed me off as I was trying to record some drums and had to compete with him. And also now everything has been recorded and put away and as I sit in the dark typing away, my mind suddenly decides it's time to freak out about it. Bloody typical.

Anyway the reason I'm writing is because I feel I have accomplished a minor personal milestone today. I wrote, recorded, sang and played all the instruments - bass, drums and guitar - on a new track called Three AM for Blue On Blue. I wrote somewhere recently (perhaps on the Bird blog) that this was an ambition of mine. Yep, Dave Grohl first Foo Fighters album style. It all went downhill musically for Foo Fighters first album onwards but I totally respect what he did - it still stands as a pretty outstanding achievment for any artist even nowadays. My man Dave rocks!

Ok so this is only 1 song, not an album and all the demos up I have mostly recorded myself but till now it's been just me singing with either a bass or guitar.

I'm going to put the song on the Myspace shortly. http://www.myspace.com/blueonbluepop

I'm going to stop posting out stuff on Facebook about it as it's a little embarassing. It's weird as you have great friends on there you want to share things with and then there's people you don't know as well and I think it could all come across as just inane self-promotion and big-headed. The thing is, the dawn of the internet is a life-saver for people like me. I was the most socially awkward, insecure and troubled youth I have ever known. Sometimes it's hard to surpress these innate sides of me but mostly people don't realise I'm like that. The internet for me is such a great form of communication and way of combating my demons...I started promoting and doing clubs and bands via the net which keeps what I do alive but without too much interaction with people. It actually gives off the impression I have some kind of life. Weird that.

Anyway this was meant to be a short post so it ends.


  1. I just wondered, have you seen the film "Fitzcarraldo"? for some reason I think you'd really like it (despite it being really long, some find it tirering)

  2. No I haven't! I do a monthly film club at The Legion you should come along sometime. We're always looking for suggestions x