Thursday, 15 October 2009

Little Victories

Ivan Smagghe's from Kill The DJ records playlist on Diesel:U:Music

Alain Kan – “Nadine, Jimmy et Moi”
the XX – “VCR Demo”
The XX – “VCR (It’s A Fine Line RX)”
Zinthesizer – “Green Onions”
Robert Hood – “Minus (Combo RX)”
Zeus -“Drive My car”
Adolphson/Falk – “Blinkar Blah”
A Place to Bury Strangers – “Ego Death”
Jeff and Jane Hudson – “Los Alamos”
Battant – “Highway Hopeful (kill the dj) (live track)”
Schneider With the Kick – “The Shout”
Battant – “Socket (live session)”
Battant – The Butcher (live session)
Blue on Blue – “Skull”
Shake – “Indagoo”
Krikor – “Crackboy (Plein Soleil RX)”
Tim Fairplay – “A Different land”
Battant – “Bruise (Live session)”
Marc Houle – “Lick Your Skin (A Fine Line RX)”
Drinking Electricity – “Shaking All Over”
Jarvis Cocker – “Angela (Pilooski RX)”
Peggy Lee – “Johnny Guitar”

It's quite daunting doing something by myself for the first time...It means a lot!

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