Monday, 30 November 2009

Primrose Sun

Rolling upon rolling, towards the clouds we go.
A pink rose wave of sunlight streaming gently, beaming mildly,
takes it turn to wade over us, magnificently, undulating
with monumental pride.

This is the one sea which shall never cascade any danger.
This is the one sea which encapsulates all but harms no one.

Look to the curls of clouds and the wisps of wind,
A trajectory of small fragments of His soul.
In all its glory how it hangs so delicately.
A precious frame that enshrines the stillness of its roar.

Some are fortunate to bask in its overwhelming shadow
and embrace the sensation that amounts to peace.
Others hurry by, not looking, not glancing, uncaring, indifferent.
But not I.
For I shall remember you.
A passionate moment we shared amongst the twisted leaves, sharp
blades of grass and fingers of the trees.
A moment intensely heightened, captured and treasured.
A moment we shall name, our primrose sun.

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