Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hallow's Eve

Pictures courtesy of Ira

Fun times were had at The Griffin last night. In all my years in London, I've never seen Halloween on such a massive scale as it was in Shoreditch last night. The streets were crawling with ghouls...It was pretty overwhelming...Sooo many people. All was great apart from the new manager at The Griffin who had a go at me for playing Michael Jackson's Thriller. It's Halloween for christ's sake! Get over yourself woman and yeah, sue me for saying this...You're meant to manage the bar and not the DJs and what they play. Some could say that is fascism. I played this immediately after but I think my point was lost on the idiot woman and no one knew what point I was making except myself. Who cares!

My second highlight of the evening was the incredibly drunk chav who thought my music was coming out of the jukebox and was desperately putting money into the jukebox and pressing keys wildly when I played Joy Division's Atmosphere. Dumbo!!


  1. I can have her being told off for you, I know who her boss is,ha.

  2. Haha, oh really!
    I have to say her attitude is awful - you can't control the music policy of a pub. I mean, what if someone had put Michael Jackson on the jukebox? She is not entitled to exert control over it! She did a similar thing to my friend Mario when he DJed. I really hope it doesn't put people off The Griffin in the long run and that she realises how ridiculous she is being....

  3. is it the girl with the many piercings?