Monday, 30 March 2009


One day we will be bound together and walk together under the cherry blossoms
But perhaps one day you will wake up and realise that I am me
Then the next day I will be back here alone
Crying into a broken chain
Don't be scared
Don't question me
I am equally scared of you
But I just don't show it
My chains are too strong
They won't let go so easily
I am so sorry for being me
I am so sorry for letting you in

I am not on my guard
These legs don't remain closed just because it is you
I can't open them and my mind at the same time
For others can do both
But I can't
Must I choose between the physical taste of your sweating flesh
Or the burning curiosities of our mindful sighs
She is too nice to fuck some say
But others say she is just a fuck
I believe I am both
I can be both
For that one person
For the one person I have not yet been with
One day
We will touch
But if we can't
Do we have to walk away?

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