Sunday, 21 December 2008

Once Upon A Time

I've decided to keep my own personal blog. The band blog is pretty popular but I think it's best I keep personal thoughts and opinions separate to the band's. Mainly in the sense that people can probably handle my rants about music etc but I don't think the band blog is the most appropriate forum for my more personal thoughts/streams of consciousness. So this is where such thoughts will raise their wicked heads...

I found the above picture on my computer today. It's of a double-sided painting on cardboard which was a present to me from the graffiti artist Adam Neate. I interviewed him 4 years ago for my fanzine and he gave me the painting at the end of the interview. That particular fanzine issue was graffiti themed so I interviewed him, Nicholas Ganz (author of Graffiti World), Stormie, Nick Walker and a few others.

I recently heard about a huge graffiti auction at Bonhams and was shocked to find out that paintings like the above by Adam Neate, now trade hands for over £1000. I left the painting at my family home a few years ago and ransacked the place to try and find it. I think my mum thought it was just one of my doodles on the back of a cereal box and threw it away. It's bloody annoying but at least I have a photograph of the painting. It isn't worth £1000 but at least I can still see the gift someone once gave me.

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